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Man Asks For Money Back After Tinder Date Doesn’t Want To See Him Again



Having a bad date once in your life is almost inevitable.

We can add it to our list of experiences and then just and move on.

But one man was pissed off about wasting more than just his time – he actually got in touch with a woman that he’d been on a date with to request that she return the $11.50 he spent buying her a drink.

The woman, who shared a screenshot of the messages on Reddit under the username TriggeredQuilt, says that she arranged to meet up with the man after matching with him on Tinder.

They decided to meet up at a Wetherspoons with the woman opting for a Long Island Iced Tea, which she says she offered to pay for, but her date refused and instead of buying her a glass of the cocktail costing $3.50.

After their drinks the pair parted ways and a couple of days later she told him that, although it was ‘lovely’ meeting him, she felt that there was no chemistry and there wouldn’t be a second date.

The guy did not take this rejection well.

He responded to the message to tell her that she was ‘not his type’ anyway and that the evening was not fun.

He went on to say: “I paid £8.30 for your drink. I thought you would want one of the ordinary drinks. I paid for my drink £1.75 ($2.40), I paid £8.30 for your drink. This too much.” [Sic]

Adding: “I didn’t have to pay for it. Please pay this back. I am waiting a refund £8.30. Thank you.” He then also included his bank details.

The woman decided she wasn’t going to refund the man and has instead blocked him. A move which has angered some Reddit users.

But she did offer to pay for it initially and he said ‘no’ right?

You can’t buy someone a present (even if the present is only a pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea from Wetherspoon’s) and then ask for the cash back, can you?

We think he should have just let her buy her own drink and he could have avoided this entire situation!

Featured Image Credit: Reddit

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Toddler Locks His Moms iPhone For Almost 48 Years



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So basically, he’ll be able to finish watching that YouTube clip when he’s 50.

The mother, from Shanghai, reportedly gave her iPhone to her little boy so he could watch ‘educational videos’.

When she later checked on her son (and more importantly, the phone) she found that he had entered the password wrong so many times that the phone had been locked for 25 million minutes.

Apple’s security locks phones in increasing amounts of time for every incorrect password entered; meaning in this case the little fella must have been doing some serious punching to get it to almost 48 years.

The South China Morning Post reports the Mother as saying: “I can’t wait for more than 40 years.

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At least she’s making the best out of a bad situation.

She took the phone to an expert, who told the newspaper that he had seen some phones locked for 80 years or so.



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