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Soccer Player Needs 10 Stitches to His Penis After Injured by His Own Team-Mate



Heard of the word Frenemies? In other words, who needs enemies when you have friends like these?

Albacete defender Mariano Bittolo recently suffered an injury that will make every man cringe. It happened in the Spanish Segunda Division on Saturday—and he had his own team-mate to blame.

Roman Zozulya’s flying boot caught Bittolo in the family jewels in the 82nd minute of the clash against SD Huesca, and the damage was ugly.

Reuters reported: “Club doctor Eduardo Rodriguez told Spanish newspaper Marca the player needed 10 stitches to the affected area immediately after being substituted.

Watch the painful moment here:

Major Ouch!

Despite the injury, Bittolo surprisingly isn’t expected to miss any matches.


Weightlifter Bleeds From Nose During 67 Stone Deadlift



Going to the gym is often seen as a good idea. It keeps the pounds off, it gets your heart rate up and releases some endorphins while you’re at it.

But there are some people who have to take everything a little bit too far…

If you’re a newbie at the gym and you start lifting heavy stuff, take it as a hint that if your nose bursts all over your face – then it’s probably time to drop the weight load.

In fact, you should take the advice from a real pro: Russian strongman Mikhail Shivlyakov.

Shivlyakov was recently competing in the 2018 Arnold Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio when this occurred.

Granted, that he was trying to lift 67 stone at the time: that’s 426 kilos, or half a Formula One car, depending on what system of weight you’re prone to use.

Shivlyakov was attempting to lift wearing a nifty Russian navy beret before his nostrils decided to intervene.

He got the weight up, but the strain caused the capillaries in his nose to, well, conk out. Streaming from his nose, the intrepid weightlifter completed the lift.

Unfortunately for him, Icelandic strongman Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson – aka The Mountain out of Game of Thrones – came along and smashed the world record, which denied him a $5,000 prize. And he did it without covering himself in his own blood, too.

The Arnold Sports Festival is one of the world’s largest meetings of bodybuilders and powerlifters, held each year in the Midwester American city of Columbus.

As you might expect from the name, it is named after Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former bodybuilding, powerlifting, governing actor.

Alongside the spectacular, bloody battle in the deadlift, there were manylifting highlights at the 2018 event.

The aforementioned Hafþór Björnsson won the overall competition, improving on his second place last year, whom he beat American Brian Shaw and the nosebleeding Russian to pick up the title.

Among previous champions are former WWE wrestler Mark Henry and multiple World’s Strongest Man champ Žydrūnas Savickas of Lithuania.

Featured Image Credit: REDCON1

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Anthony Joshua’s Next 3 Opponents For 2018 Revealed By Eddie Hearn



Over the weekend we saw Anthony Joshua take his record to 20-0, after defeating challenger Carlos Takam in Cardiff.

The bout came to a rather controversial end, as the referee chose to put Takam out of his misery and to avoid any serious injury, stopping the fight earlier than expected, in the tenth round.

Following the fight, everyone was awaiting something of interest to either come from AJ, promoter Eddie Hearn, or indeed for Tyson Fury on Twitter.

Hearn eventually took the mic and revealed that the next three potential opponents for the Brit.

He made it clear that he wanted to fight Deontay Wilder and for it to be in the UK.

Hearn later echoed his comments, saying it will happen.

“Deontay Wilder, he talks a lot but he’s not really fighting anybody right now. Deontay Wilder against Anthony Joshua has to happen,” he said in the ring.

He then turned his attention to Fury, as well as Joseph Parker, adding: “There’s also a great heavyweight called Tyson Fury. We want to see him come back to the sport. Anthony Joshua wants to be in the real fights. I promise you and I promise the fans that he will give you the fights that you want.

Image credit: PA

“I promise you that! Deontay Wilder, Joseph Parker, Tyson Fury – those are the 2018 fights.
“Tonight was a mandatory. You fight that fight or you lose the belt. He worked so hard for that belt. Anthony Joshua has achieved so much.
“I want to thank everybody for coming out here in Cardiff. I don’t think we should go abroad. I think we should stay right here.
“I think we should keep the British flag flying. That’s what Anthony Joshua has done but I promise you he will fight anyone.
“And Deontay Wilder will be relieved of that belt in 2018.”

Despite saying exactly what the fans wanted to hear, the crowd was clearly set on wiping the smug smile off his face, continuing the onslaught of boos which are customary when he tries to utter a word.


Before speaking, Joshua already encouraged the capacity crowd to make their feelings known, turning to them and saying “hey, everybody… booooooo.


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