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5 Things That You Should Never Ever Google.. Seriously, Don’t!



Most of us use Google to search for the solutions to our everyday life issues.

Whenever an question pops up in our head, no matter how trivial or important it is, like what time is it in Japan right now for or what happens when you put various objects in a microwave, we would turn to our faithful friend, the all knowing Google.

But still, lingering in the dark corners of the Internet there are things so dark and sick that we should never ever search for.

They are so disturbing so difficult to erase from our memories in the way that once you’ve seen them, we would simply just want to gauge our own eyes out.

So here are the some of very best or should we say the very worst things you should never Google!

The Clock Spider

A series of pictures were passed around in the past. The first one shows a normal clock on the wall with some things perculiar poking out the side, with the next picture the photographer took the clock off the wall and it was shown that those “perculia things” were the tips of the spider’s legs and it was about the size of a clock, which must have been hiding its entire body.

It’s not entirely certain whether or not the picture was real, but it seems to be quite possible. I know there is a kind of spider out there with the size a dinner plate called the huntsman spider.

Your Symptoms

One thing that you should never google because it is true your symptoms if you think you are seriously ill you should just go see a doctor. Just try to tell Google you have a headache in a certain spot or that your chest hurts or maybe you have these marks on your skin, it’ll just tell you that you’re going to die of a disease or cancer.

It’s not really helpful nor comforting Google will always say you’re going to die.

2 Kids 1 Sandbox

From the thought of this you might relate it to kids having fun and enjoying themselves inside a sandbox. The fact is the phrase “kids in the sandbox” is just a cover up for a sexul and very explicit video site.

This is going to shock you and scare you at the same time. The search will lead to a site where a woman is playing with a replica of a man’s Johnson then out of nowhere the woman pins it to the man’s Johnson. This site should never be watched by anybody no matter what their age is, as it is disgusting and inhumane.

Coconut Crab

Crab sound innocent enough right? NOPE! NOT ONE BIT! This coconut crushing crustacean would haunt your dreams forever.

Although I have to admit it before doing this video I had reoccurring dreams over the course of four hours which had me waking up about five times about Michael Myers strolling in my house and in my dream, he was a knife throwing expert who murdered me from across the street from my bedroom window. More like Michael Ninja Myers

Nikki Catsouras

This is about an accident that happened in October of the 18 years old girl who was staying in the Lake Forest of California.

Losing control over her father’s vehicle, she had an accident, and her name was Nikki Catsouras. Both the car and driver were severely injured, the accident itself was so disturbing that even the parents were not called to view the body..

But two officers who were on duties on the California Highway Patrol that day took pictures of the incidents and upload those online. The parents tried to take those pictures but their efforts were in vain.

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The magic we see on the screen is a result of many artists working for countless hours to animate unique and wonderful characters.

So let’s take a look at  the 11 beloved cartoon characters that are actually based on real life celebrities and people!

1. The famous Ogre, Shrek, is based on the French boxer Maurice Tillet.

Maurice suffered from a condition known as acromegaly which resulted in overgrown and thick bones.


2. The beautiful Ariel is based on the famous child actress Alyssa Milano of the very hit show “Who’s The Boss”

The Little Mermaid tells the story of Ariel who wants to be a human. The big eyes and the bubbly personality of Alyssa of Ariel is borrowed from Alyssa.


3. The big eyebrows, the charming smile, and the  attitude of Aladdin has been taken from Tom Cruise.

Originally Disney wanted to model after Michel J. Fox, but they went with Tom Cruise instead.


4. Sherri Stoner, a famous writer and producer who has written for famous animated hits of the 90’s like Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs was the reference for designing Belle of Beauty And The Beast.


5. One of the earliest and famous cartoons “Betty Boop” was actually a parody of the actress Helen Kane.


6. The amazing stylish from “The Incredibles” is actually based on a real-life stylist Edith Head.

Edith was a very famous stylist, throughout her career she had won 35 Academy Award nominations for her wonderful work.


7. Just look at the picture and you’ll see how identical they are. Pocahontas is modeled after the Native American actress Irene Bedard in every way possible. Irene also provided the voice over for the character.


8. The famous drag performer Divine was the inspiration behind The Little Mermaid’s villain Ursula.


9. The very popular Disney Princess Snow White is based on the famous actress of the 1930’s and 1940’s Marge Champion.


10. The Vultures of “The Jungle Book” are inspired from The Beatles


11. Enough said.

Credit: Humor Nation

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